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Practic Filter. Retains solid particles suspended in water on a size greater than 6 microns. Detachable, the Practic Filter can be washed in washing machines, in order to do so, remove it from the filter and machine wash.
Series Items
Filtering volume 5m³/h
Filter capable of retaining up to 6 microns pieces suspended in water*
Skimmer (strainer)
Thermal Protector
Automatic Level Regulator *
Safety Drain Against Floods
Safety lid (spring type clamp) *
Hydraulic Ecological Duct Fittings Kit
Vacuum Kit: Aspirator, Sieve, Side Sponge and 3mts painted grip
Max System *
Practic system *
Instruction and Warranty Manual (simple and complete)
*iGUi Exclusiveness
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